Fun After 40

Who says there is no fun after 40?  Not me.  I will admit that private time with my husband does not come around as often as I would like it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun.  Fun is what you make of it.  Everyone has different interests, schedules, and obligations, but there is always at least one thing that you consider fun.  It could be travel, reading, bowling, yoga, dancing, or even Karaoke.  If it something you enjoy, make the time to do it.  We live very busy lives, and we deserve it!

I am one of those lucky women who happen to be blessed with a mother who understands that “Date Night” is a must to keep your marriage happy.  On most Saturday nights, my two youngest children (the only two left in the house, and the two we have had together) go over to Grandma & Papa’s to spend the night so mom and dad and go on a date.  She has done this since my son was six months old and he is now 11, so we have been doing this for a while.  And I can tell you she Rocks.

But not everyone is blessed with this added bonus of no kids on Date Night.  And if you don’t, I highly recommend you find a babysitter or a friend that you can trade off leaving your kids at their house overnight and then watch their kids another night, so you and your husband can have that all important Date Night.  It is well worth it.

But not only do you need a date night with your husband, but you also need YOU time.  I myself am a homebody and not really one for going out with the girls, but when I do get those girl nights, I have a really awesome time.  Switch with your husband every once in a while and have some time for you.  My husband happens to be my best friend and I prefer to spend my time with him.  But those nights that I spend with friends and hanging out, are great breaks from the day to day craziness, that when I come back home, I appreciate my husband and kids all the more.

So I suggest if you don’t have one, you find a hobby.  If you and your husband share hobbies, do it as often as you can.  My husband and I met when my girlfriend dragged me to a bar after work one night when I was in College and he just happened to be the Karaoke DJ at the bar.  My friend and he tricked me up on stage to sing a song, and the next thing you know, seventeen years and two children later, I am still a Karaoke Junkie.  Some of you may laugh, but what the heck, we are having fun.  We have many friends with the same interests and we enjoy singing and spending time together.  That is the important thing.

So, here is what we need to do.  I will find information about new and interesting things that you can do as a couple on date night, do for your own private hobby, or things that you can do as a family to help keep the fun in all your lives.  And if you have additional ideas, by all means, please share them.


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